Blue Origin

Blue Origins picture of the future is millions of people living and working in space. They are focused on developing infrastructure for the creation of human space flight. They are making a road so that children can build the future. They have reusable launch vehicles and rocket engines that have lowered the cost of access to space. They can make the future easier and better to live in.

Now this may seem like a scene from a movie, but I assure you it’s not. The Blue Origin feather is a picture of mastered flight.” It represents freedom, exploration, mobility, and progress.” Blue Origin believes that to preserve the earth we must go to space and tap into it’s unlimited resources and energy.

Blue Origin is also working on a payload and person moving space shuttle. The space shuttle is called New Glenn, named after the astronaut John Glenn. The shuttle is set for 25 missions. The shuttle is controlled, and will land on a helipad on a boat after reentry. The mission is complete when the payload is in orbit, it is only an 11 minute flight.

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