Things To Do When The Weather is Getting Warmer

The weather is finally getting warmer after that horrible winter, but what is there to do since its getting warmer out? Ohiopyle is always open for everyone. There is so much to do there, whether its being active or just relaxing, there’s something for everyone.

A nice relaxing day could be spent sitting on the rocks of the main falls of Ohiopyle. They are easy to find, right on the main road, and there’s a parking lot right next to them too. Another falls area that’s a little harder to find is Cucumber Falls, where you can actually walk behind the falls, and the cool spitting water feels great on a hot day! Baughman Rock, is also a fantastic view of the mountains, and you can sit, and just enjoy the view.

If your feeling more adventurous, or want to be more active there are lots of activities in Ohiopyle to choose from. There are many hiking trails including Baughman trail, and the Great Gorge trail. There are guided trips to go White Water rafting. Biking on the bike trail is great activity because the trail is long but you can go however far you want, and just turn around when you want. The bike trail is also close to the river so you get a great view while exercising. Also, on a hot day, you could go on the natural water slides. There’s lots to do at Ohiopyle since the weather is getting warmer!

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