Breast Cancer Awareness

October is breast cancer awareness month. Uniontown High School held a powderpuff football game. This event took place at Uniontown Area High School on October 23rd. The game is a flag football game with a team of girls. It was freshman and sophomores against juniors and seniors.  In this game, all students are allowed to sign up and play. All of the money that is raised goes towards a breast cancer foundation. The underclassmen took the win, with the score being 18-6.

Junior Mya Murray said that it was hard with her team only having 8 players and no substitutions and the other team having about 12 players.  She said that it was hard for them to score because of the other team being faster and also being faster than them. Although they didn’t have as many players as anticipated, they had a good experience and had a really good time playing the game and it had a good benefit.


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