By Emily Sharp

Written in the point of view of the Jewish/German girl who risked her life to speak to Elie.

Another camp, empty and dead
from time to time a smile lingers.
Treated as if were were cattle.
Moving constantly, only to do more work
Kapos beat the time,
left, right, left, right…

Yelled above the noise, A-7713.
He rises, an unknown boy,
heading toward an unknown man
his face is like a death mask.
He does not look worried,
quickly he realizes his fate.
As for me I am still unsure.

Another hanging is soon upon us,
the man with the death mask for a face.
Pity is not felt for this man,
most are with great joy.

Working my shift in the warehouse,
I see a familiar face one seen multiple times.
Days later Idek has hurt him.
I help him mend the wounds,
I then give him some advice.
Not great advice, but good enough.

My firsts words since we came to Buna,
were to this boy and I said,
“Bite your lips, little brother…Don’t cry.
Keep your anger, for another day, for later.
The day will come but not now…Wait.
Clench your teeth and wait…”

Later we crossed paths, in Paris,We spend the whole evening reminiscing.
I risked my life that day to say those words.
It was risky, but I’m glad I did.


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