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You see all of these  professional gamers and celebrities on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. One thing that stands out the most to a teenager interested in video games other than watching them play the game itself, is how nice their gaming/streaming setups are.  If you are the average person, we know its hard to come up with the thousands upon thousands of dollars that go into the decor of these setups. What if we told you that you can instantly improve the way your gaming setups looks with just a few simple steps? In any professional gaming setup, the number one key component is proper cable management. Keeping yourself and other from seeing the wires exposed by your heaps of tech can make a massive difference in how your setup looks.

Studies have shown that a cheap gaming setup without wires exposed actually gives the effect that it’s more expensive than the high end setup with wires all over the place. Luckily for you, the supplies you need to complete this task are very affordable, and efficient. You could use materials such as double sided velcro strips to wrap your wires and align the across the bottom of your desk. Another method would be to wrap your cables in zip ties in order to keep them from flowing freely into your field of view. Wire sleeves can be a bit more pricey than the options stated above, but they do the best job for what we need them for. They hide the wires completely and they also keep them in one place. Hopefully these few tips helps you with managing the wires in your gaming set up, or just miscellaneous technology lying around the house.

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