Cafeteria Additions

Recently the school cafeteria has added on some new and interesting choices/options to their menu and set-up. As you walk in, the first thing you notice is the wood-woven baskets near the check-out area. They have paper signs on them that say what’s inside, but it’s easier to see those when you’re leaving. These baskets are filled with cookies, typically chocolate chip and sugar, that the students are allowed to purchase for a low price.

Another new addition was the extra drinks and chips moved closer to everyone’s reach, avoiding the long line that typically waited near the vending machines. This saved students a lot of time to eat and a lot of trouble for everyone who wanted to buy something. Decorations were also done up at least two-fold, as decorative leaves are now fashionably strewn over the area where you can grab wholesome fruit.

Lastly, it seems as though they are being much more providing in the pizza section, giving us more choices to pick from and enjoy. Not many have seem to have noticed them yet, but they’re there.

Thank you, to those who provided it.

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