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Cam Newton and Micheal Oher are two young males in the NFL who changed their lives around completely. Cam Newton attended Florida State to play for the Florida Gators. He was accused of being a thief. Micheal Oher on the other hand grew up less fortunate than most others, living on the streets until one family changed his life forever.

Cam Newton was accused of stealing a fellow students laptop on campus in Florida. He was later arrested for the crime. He was even charged with burglary, larceny and obstructing justice. The victim reported the laptop stolen October 16, 2008. Newton was caught by police as they tracked his login to the boys computer as “cnewton”. Newtown even tried to hide the computer when police came to his dorm to investigate. He threw it out of his window and it was found behind a trash bin with the top painted black with “Cam Newton” painted in white letters.  Cam was Tim Tebows backup and only threw for 40 yards the previous season. Cam was not the only Florida Gator with legal issues at the time. Another teammate was arrested and thrown off the team for a different incident. Cam then attended Auburn University where he went on to win the Heisman Award and a National Championship. Now, Cam is a top of the line NFL quarterback who is headed to his first Superbowl this February. He has completely turned his life around after that incident. Many believed his name would never come up in football after his arrest. Now, he is one of the most inspiring and best leader in the NFL. He has even started up “The Cam Newton Foundation” which benefits youth. Cam is a prime example of how you can make a mistake, then work on yourself and completely change your circumstances. He is a role model to many young children.

Michael Oher was born on May 28, 1986, in Memphis, Tennessee. He came from an unstable home and his  father was murdered while Oher was in high school. Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy became Oher’s legal guardians and he developed into a college football star and a top NFL draft pick. His mother wasn’t a stable role model, and his father was taken away from him at a young age, and he never really had a father figure. Micheal was on the streets at a young age. That was all until Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy found him, took him in, and basically raised him as their own. They gave him something he never had. A stable house hold and a loving family. He never even had a real bed until these people brought him in. Under their guidance and discipline Micheal gained much attention for his athleticism on the football field and was later recruited by Mississippi. He went on to the pro level next. He was drafter by the Baltimore ravens in 2008. He now plays for the Carolina Panthers and is on his way to the Superbowl alongside Cam Newtwon.

Both of these superstars are both examples how you can change your life around for the better, and go on to do great things in your life. They are both huge role models for many kids growing up, that are struggling. Next Sunday they will be facing the Denver Broncos. I wish both teams luck in the match up! icam



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