Can UAHS Out Shoot Lebron in Foul Shots?

Here at UAHS we had four participants attempt to beat an NBA Pro in foul shots known as Lebron James. He has a 56% foul shot shooting average. The names of these participants are Wyatt Lepley, James Thompson, Bailey Schock, and Mr. Scott. We started off with giving each player a warm up round with 10 shot attempts to let them get used to shooting the ball. In the warm up round Wyatt scored 7 out of 10 shots making 70%, Bailey scored 6 out of 10 scoring 60%, James scored 5 out of 10 scoring 50%, and Mr. Scott made 8 out of 10 scoring 80%. Placements in the warm up round were Mr.Scott- 1st, Wyatt-2nd, Bailey- 3rd, and James- 4th.

After we gave them their warm up shots, they tried again to see if they could further improve their scores. In the official round Wyatt scored 4 out of 10 with 40%, James scored 4 out of 10 with 40%, Bailey scored 6 out of 10 with 60%, and Mr. Scott scored 8 out of 10 again with 80%. Placements in the official round was Mr. Scott- 1st, Bailey Schock- 2nd, Wyatt, and James tied for 3rd. Based on all of the scores provided, we can conclude that 3 out our 4 participants scored a higher free throw percentage than Lebron James.

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