Chances Of Making It To The NCAA

Many high school students have hope and dreams of playing in the NBA, NFL, MLS, or NHL. They have to make it to a good college first, which isn’t as easy as you might think. The percentages of kids who make it into the NCAA is under 10% in all sports. That should discourage you to work hard though.

Only 6.9% of kids make it to the NCAA for baseball, 3.4% for basketball, 5.6% for cross country, 6.5% for football, 5.7% for soccer, and 4.7% for hockey. These numbers are extremely low when you take into consideration on how many kids participate in high school sports. Hundreds of thousands participate every day in their favorite sport and will never make it to a college to to play. This isn’t because of lack of skill or work ethic either. Many schools just are not on the map and that means no scouts are coming to see the athletes perform, which makes it nearly impossible for the student to be recognized. In Uniontown we may have a few scouts a year from smaller colleges around the area for each sport.

Making it into the NCAA isn’t an easy task. Don’t let the odds intimidate you. Stand out and you can make it as far as your imagination takes you. Schools love an athlete who can compete in more than one sport. So go out and try something new, even if it takes you out of your comfort zone for a little while. It can really pay off for you and even some team mates.

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