UHS Gifted Website

The Gifted program at Uniontown High School maintains their own website, run by the students, for the students. This school year is the first year that the website is in operation. The gifted students plan everything for the website during homeroom, the only time of the day that all gifted students are together. Mrs. Vaccaro is their teacher and she is also the supervisor of the website. Although everyone in the homeroom contributes to the website, there are several key positions such as a variety of editors, writers, and photographers.

One of the main pieces of content on the website are student features. Each week, two students are chosen to be the website’s “featured student”. A picture of the student is put on the website along with an interview completed by the student. The interview asks questions about things such as grade level, clubs and activities, how you spend your free time, and what your post-high school plans are. Also found on the website are pieces of artwork and literary works completed by students in the program. This is a way for the students to show their abilities to the public.

Articles about gifted-related activities such as academic league, math team, and other academic clubs can be found on the website. These articles usually contain an overview of what the competitions entail and how the team prepares for success. The team’s results are also covered. Interviews and input from the team coaches and participants are also included in the article. Gifted students that participate in school wide clubs and activities such as sports, musical, band, or student council, write articles for the website describing what it is like to participate in their activity. The students in gifted homeroom 300 put a lot of time and effort into this website. You can check it out here!

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