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On August 17th, 2019, the Uniontown Area High School cheerleaders participated in a 5k for the homeless. This 5k was held on main street and continued all over Uniontown. The City Missions-Living Stones, Inc. held this 5k which included a “kiddie race” as well as a chinese auction. All proceeds from this 5k will go to the homeless shelter programs in Uniontown.

Not only did the cheerleaders participate in this run/walk, their coach Mrs. Sheraneck did as well. Although not all cheerleaders could attend this event, many did attend and support this great cause. Doing this 5k was such a great experience for me and the other girls as well. There were many people that came out to the race to support this cause.

I, as a cheerleader, hope that we do another 5k as group very soon. I was very happy to contribute to this event. We had such a wonderful time during this race and we are so lucky to be a part of such a great experience that helped so many people!

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