Chemistry Penny Lab With Mrs. Celaschi

Mrs. Celaschi’s Chemistry class completed a penny lab. Mrs. Celaschi teaches forensics and chemistry. From personal experience both of those classes are very fun. In chemistry we have learned about early scientists, and the element table. During this lab the element table comes into play.

In this lab we had to follow certain procedures. We had to do this for our own safety. The fist step was to put on our aprons and safety googles. After that we take the steel wool and rub out all of the grime from over the years. The pennies that were used had to be made earlier than 1984. The reason that we had to use these is because they were truly made with copper.

After we cleaned the pennies off we used the prongs to dunk them into the sodium chloride. The element that was mixed with the water had to be heated up to about 200 degrees so the element could react to the copper. Then we took the penny out put it under water holding it with the prongs and dried it off. After the penny and the sodium chloride reacted with each other it caused the penny to turn into a distinct zinc color.

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