Choosing Your Sport

Student athletes chose their sport for many reasons. It could be how it works, physical ability, or even how cool it seems. Some athletes try one sport and end up playing many at a time. By time those athletes get to high school or college they usually narrow it down to one main activity. We asked athletes from our school and surrounding schools why they chose their sport.

Abbey Smith chose my sport because of it being upbeat and the adrenaline. She started out playing soccer and dancing and for a period of time added cheer leading. Eventually dance got boring and cheer became more involved. With conflicting schedules it just didn’t work out. She hopes to be able to add soccer on again soon.

UHS Junior Ryelee Younkin says “My dad got me into cheer as a little girl and I’ve never stopped since.”

LH Sophomore Jayden Ruvalcaba said “Soccer helps me cope with emotions and use them in way on the field it makes me feel better about myself and helps me gain confidence. I think the best feeling is when you have the crowd cheering for you that makes me feel like I’m doing something right”

AG Sophomore Carleigh Davis said “I choose dance because it sounded like fun and once i got into it i really liked it a lot and kept doing it.”

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