Class of 2020 Prom Fundraisers

The class of 2020 class sponsors, Mrs.Kriebel and Ms.Carbonara are excited to start planning our prom and post-prom fundraisers, but they definitely need your help! On April 10, 2018 there was a parent meeting in the auditorium to discuss ideas to make this the best prom ever, but unfortunately very few people attended. If we want a memorable senior prom, we’re all going to have to get involved.

As everybody knows, venues, DJ’s, transportation, and food are all very expensive. Depending on how involved  every student is can determine the events and activities for prom, post-prom, and possibly a senior trip. Ideas were discussed about an end of the year photo booth, movie night, ticket sales, bingo, and numerous other fundraisers. If you have any ideas as to how we can raise money, please contact one of the sponsors or class officers that can relay the message.

In the past, there has been trial and error with every prom, but we are fortunate enough to have teachers that have planned many proms. They have bounced ideas around about Nemacolin, PNC park, The Point, and many other exciting venues. No matter where it is, they want it to be very memorable and fun just as we do. Be sure to listen to announcements and help out with fundraisers, sophomores!

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