Coastal Carolina College Closing Impacts Alumni

Coastal Carolina was evacuated on Monday September 10, 2018 due to a hurricane. Hurricane Florence was evaluated as a category three hurricane but then downgraded to a category two. The state of South Carolina asked residents to evacuate because of the destructive storm. The school sent out an email saying that students should be back in class on  Monday October 1, 2018.

The students at Coastal Carolina have been effected because students had to leave their belongings behind and go somewhere that was safe. Milissa Lucas, a 2017 UHS graduate, was told to leave the campus and go to a safer place. Milissa packed a couple of outfits thinking that they would only be back in Pennsylvania for maybe a week, not three weeks. She is extremely worried to get back to her dorm room to see if there was any damage done or any dorm mates. One thing Milissa wasn’t able to bring up with her that shes worried about is her new TV that she bought a couple of weeks prior to going back to school.

Milissa explains that because the professors evacuated as well, they are waiting to hear when tests will be rescheduled . Most of her professors did send emails saying that the work would be either pushed back or submitted online. She’s relieved by the ones that she heard back from. Milissa said “I loving being home but there’s something about being at Coastal that I love and it not just because I’m ten minutes away from the beach. It’s more about having freedom to do things.” I asked her “What is the one thing she’s upset about having classes pushed back and the days she wasn’t there?” Milissa’s response was “I wasn’t able to start my job that I got on campus. With classes being put on hold we are going to be rushing to get back on track.” I also asked her what she enjoyed about being home?”  Milissa said “Being back from school is like a mini vacation. I’m happy that I got to come back home and see some friends that I didn’t get to see before I went back to college.”



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