Play Hoops with Benjamin Franklin School

The Benjamin Franklin K-8 Home and School Council will be holding a Teachers versus Parents Basketball Tournament on Friday, April 6, 2018 at 5:00 pm. We are inviting you the parents of the Uniontown Area School District to participate. Teams should consist of 6 players and it is OK to sign up more than one team from your school. All we ask is that each team member purchase his or her own t-shirt for the game.   The cost per shirt will be $10.

Here’s how the tournament will work:

We will have teams that consist of the teachers and parents.  The teachers will play teachers until there is one team remaining. The parents will play parents until there is one team remaining. Then the final teacher team and parent team will play each other in the championship game. The winning team whether its teachers of your school or parents of your school will win the championship trophy and obtain bragging rights for their school. All we ask is that the championship trophy sits on display in your school’s office. The winners of the game will also be reimbursed the funds that they paid out as well as win a smaller trophy to take home or sit in your classroom.

To sign up please contact Erika Harris at the Home and School Council email address which is or by filing out the signup sheet and sending it to Benjamin Franklin address to the Home and School Council no later than March 2nd. Money for t-shirts will be due at that time. We are looking forward to seeing who is the best hoop playing school in our district.

The sign up sheets will be available in the school office.

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