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The cosmetology program at the Fayette County Careet & Technical Institute is a three year program. You earn three hours a day each day you’re present, you need exactly 1250 hours to receive your cosmetology license at the end of your senior. There are a lot of laws and dress codes that you have to follow in this field. After you finish this program you can go out into the workforce and either work in a salon or to open up one of your own. In this course students learn how to do hair, makeup, nails, waxing, and facials. They also learn about the different type of diseases a client could have before you perform one of the five services.

There were two teachers in this field Mrs. Olson, and Miss. Scaife. Now there is currently one, which is Mrs. Olson who has been there for 14 years. Miss Scaife recently received another job in Canonsburg PA. They are both great at what they do and how they walk students through everything that we need to know and learn. On Thursday’s and Friday’s the public is invited to come out the the Fayette CTI to get any service you want done as long as you’ve made an appointment with us before hand. Hours are from 3:00 to 7:00 and appointments can be made by calling 724-437-2721.

The seniors of class of 2020 will be taking their writing and hands on NOCCTI exam this year. In order to pass the NOCCTI you have to score either proficient or advanced. You have to study a lot in order to get either of those scores. Completion of the program is possible if you put your mind to it and think positive about passing and getting a certification afterwards. There’s a lot of fun within this field you just have to apply yourself to pursue your dreams.

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