COVID-19 Effects on Sports

COVID-19 significantly changed the 2020 sports season. Many athletes who were looking forward to playing on their sports team were faced with uncertainty as the Fall season and start of school approached. Teams across the country and our state have canceled, postponed, and changed plans for most every sports team. The governor of Pennsylvania suggested to cancel sports, although the PIAA and schools wanted to keep them going. There were many meetings and parent organizations who were fighting for their students change to #LetThemPlay.

Uniontown School district originally canceled football and soccer due to the contact nature of each sport. Cross country and golf were continuing as well as volleyball but with limited seating indoors. The district re-evaluated the situation and they are now having it. The cross country team stopped practice many times leading up to the season. Now all of the sports are having a season, however it will look very different. Athletes are required to wear a mask. Coaches are also required to take temperatures and administer surveys of players health everyday. Spectators are also permitted with some restrictions to attend sporting events. The recommendations are being updated and changing daily.

While all of these changes are difficult, it is important to remember that the safety of each person involved from the players, coaches, referees, and parents is of the utmost importance. We are proud of how our students have handled the many changes and are excited as they begin their seasons.

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