COVID Effects on Metal Health for Students 

So covid-19 hasn’t just had effect on people physically, it has also had a major effect on mental health. As well it has even effected some’s work efficacy. This has now become apparent thanks to new data from the Kern County Superintendent of Schools. According to the data, the percentage of students failing their classes is on the rise across several school districts as educators struggle to come up with a way to help them. A representative from the Kern High School District said there’s no clear path to combatting education loss.

This also leads to some people having hard times and putting more pressure on themselves. The reason some might also do this is because of bad home situations. Both can have a bad or long term effect on the average persons mental state. Which will lead to a harder time in school, and possibly even worse mental state. Which can really be bad for people that are students due to how school in higher levels of learning need more focus than others.

The study also found out that that this has had a major effect on peoples grades. The states, “Overall between the three districts, we saw an increase of 14% of D and F’s as compared to last year. With the majority of those coming from students in that middle range, the B and C range, dropping down into the D and F range.”

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