Cross Country Banquet

As the 2018-2019 Cross Country season comes to an end, the banquet was the grand finale for our seniors. It was a very sad night for a lot of students, especially for the seniors. With a total of 15 seniors this season, the team is expected to be fairly small next year. Almost half of the team are seniors this year,  but there seems to be a lot of junior high students moving up to the high school team next year. The team could have another chance to win the county championships again next year, along with many other things.

The cross country team has a bond that will never break, and any of the runners will tell you the same thing. At the banquet, all of the seniors got the chance to say a few words and overall they could all agree that nothing would be possible without the amazing coach they have. They also agreed that they were thankful to have had the opportunity to spend so much time with the incredible people that have grown to be a second family to them.

It’s sad to see cross country season end for so many runners, but track season is right around the corner for the team. On the other hand, this is it for some of the seniors. If they’re lucky, they’ll help the track team do just as good as the cross country team did. Many tears were shed at the banquet by runners, coaches, and even parents, but they now have track season to count down to.

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