Cross Country: DC Weekend Trip

On the weekend of Saturday 16th, 2019, the UHS Cross Country team explored DC alongside Coach Joe Everhart and their parent chaperones. They learned our countries history, experienced life in DC, and gained new memories with their teammates. The team packed themselves into a bus at 8 am, Saturday morning, and endured the long, cramped ride to Williamsburg, West Virginia.

While in Williamsburg, the team split into groups- the girls team vs the boys team- and ran around for an age old tradition: the Picture Relay! Both teams were given a time of 30 minutes to take a picture of their team in each location given to them. When time was up, both teams found their way back to the bus where Coach Everhart determined the winner. After a tiring half hour of running around Williamsburg, the boys team won the Picture Relay! (Better luck next trip, girls.)

After the relay, the team piled back into the bus to finish the long trip to DC. Once in DC, they arrived at Arlington National Cemetery. There they saw the site John F. Kennedy was buried in, and got to witness the changing of the guard outside the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Later that day, they visited the WWII and Lincoln Memorials, and ended the long day in their hotel rooms.

That following Sunday, the team attended Mass at the Cathedral of St. Matthew, a historical church where the funeral of John F. Kennedy took place. Afterwards, the team drove to the White House for pictures, then split into groups to explore DC for the rest of the day. The team saw many sights, like the Holocaust Museum, Smithsonian Art Museum, American History Museum, Air and Space Museum, and so much more! While on their tour of DC, the team also had a run in with alumni Nate Edenfield.

They returned to the high school that night at 9 pm, ready to wake up bright and early for school the next day! Well, maybe not all of them.

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