CTI Open house

The CTI open house was on October 15th. It was an amazing event held from 6 pm until 8 pm. Culinary Arts seemed to be the place to be that night. A lot of the guests always make sure they stop in for sweet treats and beverages.

The purpose of open house is to show the parents of the students and the community what they are doing at this point of the year. The culinary program was exciting. All of the 40 students made a two layer cake. They each could use fondant, icing, or both to decorate them. All of the cakes were beautiful and creative.

The technical school holds an open house twice a year to help raise money for skills and all of the programs they offer at the school. They do raffles and Chinese auctions every year. They raised 300 dollars just in the culinary classroom. Overall it was really nice.

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