Culinary Arts Fundraiser

Fayette CTI is the technical school for local high school students who want more career options. The culinary program at the school has taught a lot of important things to take with you when you start working in the industry. It is one of the programs at the school that a lot of kids try to get into.

Most of the students in this class are hoping to go on the Skills USA field trip at Seven Springs. It is a leadership conference where all attending can lean leadership skills to take into the industry.

The cost for this trip per student is pretty high. It will be $252 per student. Many students can’t afford to pay this price. Instructor Julia Harhai came up with a fundraiser to sell jumbo sized pepperoni rolls to aid with the cost for the trip.

Each jumbo pepperoni roll will be sold for four dollars a piece. The fundraiser will be held during the month of October with delivery on the 31st. Any contribution helps so buy some for all your family and friends this October and enjoy them on Halloween night.

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