Cupcake Wars

The students in Mrs. Zebro’s food and nutrition class learned many different things. They learned the difference between fats and carbohydrates. Students learned how to cook and prepare many types of food and meals. For the final project they decorated and baked cupcakes.

A few days before the bakers actually decorated the cupcakes they practiced icing techniques with smashed potatoes. It was kind of hard trying to practice them because they were thicker than icing, but they managed to make it work. On Tuesday the 26th they baked the cupcakes and made the icing so they were ready the next day. On Wednesday the 27th they decorated the cupcakes. Each student could decorate one cupcake each. It was interesting trying to decorate one and make it look pretty. It was fun to watch students making their designs out of icing. When finished students had to show Mrs. Zebro the cupcake and then they could eat their final. Mrs. Zebro’s food and nutrition class is a fun learning experience.

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