D-Day Squadron

In a couple weeks, 15 C-47 airplanes will depart together from the United States, and they will participate in dropping over 250 paratroopers over in Normandy, France, for the 75th Anniversary of D-Day. The whole event itself is called Daks Over Normandy, but the C-47s that are from the U.S. that are going over, are in a group called D-Day Squadron. The squadron will join up with C-47s that came from Europe, and Australia for the big flyover France.

The famous “That’s All Brother”, C-47 aircraft is going over to Normandy this year for the event. “That’s All Brother” was the first lead plane of the Invasion of Normandy. The C-47 was found in a scrapyard in Wisconsin, back in 2015, and The Commemorative Air Force was able to buy it, with the help of donations, and volunteers. The CAF had the plane fully restored for D-Day 75, and you can find more about “That’s All Brother” on thatsallbrother.org.

“That’s All Brother” at an airshow last year.

The D-Day Squadron will get to England as safely as possible, so they will island hop their way to England. They will leave Oxford, Connecticut, for Newfoundland, Canada. Then they will stop in Greenland to refuel, then the final refuel stop in Iceland. Then they will finally get to England for the big event. Daks Over Normandy will be dropping paratroopers over Normandy, France, on June 4th, and 5th. You can find more about this event on ddaysquadron.org and daksovernormandy.com.

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