Dear Underclassmen

I know that a lot of you already cannot wait to graduate. The idea of being able to be out the high school and move on your own in a whole new environment is exciting and quite entreating to those who dread coming to UHS every day. But have you ever stopped and thought deeply about what life will be like after you cross the auditorium stage and accept your diploma?

Every day you walk into this school and meet up with your friends, friends that may part their separate ways when college rolls around. I know for me, that will be the hardest part of it all. There are people I will have to leave behind and people that will be moving hours away from where I will be at college. Some students, like myself, won’t be able to participate in the extracurricular activities that they love. For some, once you take your final bow on in the Margret A. Emelson Auditorium or you finish your last game in Bill Power Stadium, its over. Most importantly of all of this, school gets even more expensive, if you decide to further your education into college.

I’m not here to slander your view of your future or create a fear of graduating that wasn’t previously there. I’m here to tell you that you need to cherish the time that you have here now. Don’t rush it because when you are older looking back on your high school years, you will miss it – your favorite teachers, performing on a stage, the Friday night lights, everything.

Jordyn Dowling

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