Discovering UTOPIA

Any student at Uniontown Area High school knows the courtyard we have as the “hole”. Well, not anymore. Mrs. Gartley’s Discovering Art Class and the UHS Art Club have worked hand in hand to transform the courtyard into what is now called UTOPIA (UnionTown Outdoor Productivity and Inquiry Area).

The Discovering Art Class took a trip to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater home and studied the design of the house to notice and enjoy the nature that surrounds it.

With contributions from the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy and the Southern Laurel Highlands Plants and Pest Management Partnership, the Art Club was able to plant species of plants native to our area that will grow and flourish in our environment and bloom in the spring and fall.

The classes have also designed and built simple benches to add more seating and worked on a piece of art together that has been permanently installed .

UTOPIA will continue to be a work in progress for our school community to utilize and contribute to. They hope that everyone will take advantage of the newly renovated space or to just enjoy it as you walk to your next class.

Mrs. Gartley and her class would like to thank Ashley Andrykovitch and Ann Talarek of the Fallingwater Teaching Partners through the Benedum Foundation for the funding and support as well as the Southern Laurel Highlands Plants and Pest Management Partnership for their hard work.

Additional thanks go out to Howard Firestone, Don Miller, and all of the Custodial and Maintenance personnel who are always willing to help, Brent Lopick, and anyone else who has pitched in along the way as well as the UHS Art Club for helping on planting day.


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