Diving WPIALs

The diving WPIAL competition was a successful day. Girls were first starting at 11:00 at Moon Township High School. Maeve Carei got 11th place with a score of 263.  The boys started after the girls finished and received their medals at 3:00. Our other diver, Jonathan Desvarro, also competed as a first year diver. He did very well and finished in 19th place.

Laurel Highlands boys also competed in AA WPIALs at Moon Township. John Ek a sophomore and second year diver got second. Dylan Rice a sophomore and second year diver as well got sixth.  Both boys will be going to states. Laurel Highlands had another boy Hunter Sloboda who is a senior and a first year diver he placed 11th.

Congratulations to both diving teams on a successful season.

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  1. Would of been nice to see an article on how the swim team did at WPIALs also. Two team members qualified for states.

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