Donation From AG Students

We are so thankful to say that students are reaching out to help our community for their own pleasure. Albert Gallatin senior, Romona Thompson, and sophomore, Colby Dillow, decided to donate coats and other warm clothes to our very own Raider Closet. These AG students do a yearly coat drive and donate to those in need, all out of the kindness of her heart.

Romona has been doing this for three years, and Colby joined her two years ago. They take donations from anyone for multiple schools and shelters in the area. So far this year, they have donated to multiple schools in Albert Gallatin school district, Uniontown school district, Domestic Violence shelter, Homeless shelter, and two personal care homes.

When asked why they started this program, Romona stated, “We just simply wanted to give back to the community.” Romona also said, “We had some donations from students, but mostly from teachers. We had a woman by the name of Julie Baker donate the majority of the coats.” We are very thankful for both of them and all of the other people that have helped the community.

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