Eagle Scout Andrew (A.J.) Rider

Among the Eagle Scouts within our school, Andrew is part of Troop 620 in Uniontown and has been in scouts since kindergarten. For his eagle scout project, A.J. worked for over an entire year cleaning up and refurbishing the cemetery of Saint John’s Church on Morgantown Street.

Father Tringhese said; “A lot of people didn’t even realize we had a cemetery to begin with.” With all the homes and buildings around it no one would ever see it when passing by. “I thought the project was just going to be cleaning off headstones and weeding” said A.J. Realizing how much work needed to be done he was shocked, sunken headstones to missing names, he knew he had his hands full. Cleaning the grounds, resetting tombstones, and even installing a new plaque for those buried there. In addition to his fellow scouts helping him, A.J. also called on his teammates of the cross-country team to assist him.

Not only outside of school but in school as well, Andrew is always an amazing worker, classmate, and friend always trying to help out. A.J. is also very involved with his extra curricular activities such as a member of the cross country and track team and preforms in plays and musicals. He plans on studying culinary arts after graduation.

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