Eagles vs Vikings

Last night the Philadelphia Eagles had beat the Minnesota Vikings to win the NFC championship and move on to the super bowl. This will be the Eagles first appearance back in the super bowl in fourteen years, last year the patriots had won the super bowl making it the fifth for Tom Brady. The final score of the game was 7-38 with the Eagles coming out on top, the Eagles were number one in their division(NFC) and scored seven in the first quarter, seventeen in the second, seven in the third, and seven in the fourth.  The Vikings had scored only seven in the first quarter. The mvp candidate quarterback Carsen Wentz was injured during the season and now quarterback Nick Foles is filling in for him. Last night leading the team to victory Foles had 352 yards and three touchdowns. They will now play in the super bowl on February fourth at 6:30 pm. Both teams had not played each other during the regular season so this will be the first game against each other all season. This is going to be and exciting game for both Patriots and Eagles fans.

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