Effect of Music

Music has always been a huge factor in everyday life. Not only does it serve as one of the greatest influences in the world, but it also defines who you are as a human being. It can help mold you into the kind of person you are today. Music can give you the strength you need to push forward, to achieve your goals, and to believe that you have the power to change the fate of our world. Sometimes in your life, you just feel a rush of emotions sweeping through your mind, and you don’t know how to control them. That’s where music comes in.

Music allows you to make sense of things. It enables you to express your self through the emotions that you are feeling. Through music, you can be able to observe the world in a different light, which can be either negative or positive, depending on your mood. Whenever you start to feel discouraged or despondent, like the rest of the world has turned its back on you and is just one big disappointment, just listen to slow, mournful, and depressing music. Songs that have meaningful lyrics—lyrics that make you ponder over what kind of person you want to be, what kind of role or purpose you have in this world, or what kind of an effect you have on others around you can mean a lot in many different ways. Music like that is the best kind of music to listen to. Of course, there are also instances when all you want to do is laugh and jump around the house, dancing to all your favorite catchy tunes. During those times, you can listen to a totally different style of music. It could be pop, techno, electronic, punk, or even all of the above. It all depends on your mood, which constantly varies as the days progress.

You may have heard people say that they cannot live without music. People say a lot of things…most of which are far from the truth.  What I’m trying to say is that no matter what, you always find a way to satisfy your craving for music. When you love something so much, you fight for it…no matter what opposition may stand in your way. When you truly care for something and feel passionate about it, you’ll be able to discuss it for hours upon hours. There’s just no end to it. With music, it’s an everlasting cycle. First, you wake up in the morning to the sound of my alarm clock, which changes frequently depending on your current favorite song. Then you go to school, job, etc. which is all surrounded by music such as others music, cars, or even bells it could be anything because your life is evolved around it so much that without music what is life.

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