End of First Quarter Art Show

On Thursday, October 24 Mrs. Gartley had the end of the 9-week art show for her art and ceramics classes in the art room. The art room had a party atmosphere and students were invited to come in and look and the art and have snacks. Students could rate the pieces on most interesting, most creative, my humorous, most heart, and most skilled. Mrs. Gartley also dims the lights and puts on music to make it feel more like a art show.

The time even the pottery work was out which is different from last years show. A lot of great art work was shown this year from paintings and drawings to ceramics sculptures. At last weeks art club meeting which was on the same day we got to hang out at the art show and see the pieces and also rate them as mentioned.

I personally enjoyed work from Kaitylnn Fox former Artist of the Week and the Dusty Plume as shown in the pictures above. I also liked Juliana Jackson ceramics and Antonella Ledonnes drawings and paintings. Overall the art show was great with tons of amazing art work so look forward to future shows.


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