By Jamie Delman

It was so dark and so cold that the only thing I could see in front of me was my breath. I had a strange feeling, like someone or something was following me. My heart was pounding so loud that it seemed like there was no sense in hiding. Anyone standing within a mile from me would have heard it. Although I couldn’t see them, I could feel branches surrounding me. They were slippery from ice. I was tired and out of breath from running, but slowing down was not an option. My body was numb from the cold, and every step I took sent a shooting pain through me.  In the midst of all this, it had started snowing; each snow flake that fell was mocking my pain.

I didn’t remember exactly what had gotten me into that situation. I remembered seeing a figure hiding behind a tree near my house, and I remembered my ear piercing screams, which sounded like a train screeching to a stop, when it started coming toward me. The next thing I knew, I woke up in the middle of nowhere and started running.

Shock was overcoming my fear, and I was starting not to believe any of what I had remembered. Eventually I had convinced myself that I was just lost, so I stopped running  and let my guard down. I was walking through the woods, confused, lost, and subconsciously terrified for my life. I had forgotten about the numb and pain caused by the cold until I tripped over a log. By the point, the pain was too intense to get up. I was lying on the cold powder covered ground listening to my screams and cries echo in the emptiness surrounding me.

In the distance, I heard branches breaking and a steady beat of soft footsteps. I wanted to scream, but I restrained myself. I heard the foot steps come to an abrupt stop, and then came a scream. The scream had gone from loud and clear to drowned out and muffled. It was like whoever it belonged to was drowning in their own misery. I covered my ears. The sound was too much for me to handle. I knew that if I was found, a scream almost identical to the one I had just heard would be coming from me.

With adrenaline running through my blood, I gathered enough strength to crawl away from the torturing sound, but it had stopped. The steady beat of footsteps continued getting closer and closer. Suddenly my life was a horror film that wouldn’t stop playing. I closed my eyes as if that made everything disappear. I finally opened them and jumped when I saw a face with blood smeared on it staring down at me.

My arms and legs couldn’t move fast enough for me to even have had a chance of escaping. I saw a knife hanging out of the evil mans jacket, yet he didn’t reach for it. The watched me struggle in the cold with an impossible battle. The smile on his lips scared me more than anything. What could he have possibly found amusing in this cruelty? Were there people so sick that they could laugh in the face of other people’s misery? after about 30 minutes, I saw him reach for the knife. Out of defense, I drew away from him and curled into a ball.

I learned that making me harder to kill was just going to make my death more painful. I was lying on the ground limp and prepared to die. I watched as the knife slowly made its way to my ribcage. I could feel the pointed tip on my skin. I closed my eyes, took in one last breath, and then opened them back up. What I saw did not make any sense. I was lying in my bed clenching to my blankets. I looked where the knife should have been, but there was nothing. I was not cold, I was sweating. After some time, I realized it had all been a dream, a dream so realistic I could hardly believe it hadn’t happened.


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