February 24 – March 2 Horoscope

Aries – Be careful of sickness this week. You have a lot you need to do and illness may do more than just get in your way. Take care of yourself and push through.

Taurus – Be wary of Leo this week, they may be an individual in the way between your responsibilities and you actually performing them properly.

Gemini – Stay careful, and stay safe. Though this week is one you may feel your creativity and inspiration spark in, you need to be wary of burning yourself out or doing something you may regret.

Cancer – A friend misses you. Though you’ve tried to work harder on opening up and speaking to others, you’ve remained rather distant to some people that truly matter.

Leo – Your flamboyancy may be starting of get out of hand. Be careful with how you handle yourself, because your desire to be around others may be distracting them more than you usually intend to do.

Virgo – Life is rough and there may be a hard spot ahead for you. You’ve spent time worrying about others and making sure that they’re alright, but for now, you need to make sure you are able to handle situations with them.

Libra – Patience, Libra. You’re pushing yourself too hard, too harshly, and you need to be easier on yourself for once, unlike you’ve been lately.

Scorpio – You don’t hesitate to focus on yourself in moments, but realize that sometimes you aren’t involved in these moments that you think about. It helps to breathe and think, sometimes.

Sagittarius – The world is your friend, not your enemy. Though some people may have tried to hurt you recently, you don’t need to close yourself off from new opportunities to make sure you don’t get hurt again.

Capricorn – Balance your friendships with your responsibilities. Don’t slack off on either end and this week can be a very productive, hopeful one!

Aquarius – Opportunity is in the winds. Take your time, keep an open mind, and take hold of this once you see it. You’ll know when you get there, Aquarius.

Pisces – You may be overly concerned about romantic relations this week. So long as you’re comfortable where you are, try not to think and fret too much over it. But if you’re uncomfortable, this is the sign you’re looking for to change it around.

Tarot of the Week:

The VIII of Swords-
(keywords: Helplessness, Self-Victimization, Entrapment, Contained Emotion )

There is a loss in terms of freedom in your mind this week. You’ve felt trapped, contained where you are with no freedom, no escape. Not for your heart or your mind, either. You aren’t as stuck as you feel you are. Take a breath, consider who you are and not what you have to do or have done. You have options. You aren’t your future, but you are a sum of your actions. Take your time and know that doing nothing at all and allowing yourself to be helpless is a decision in its own right.

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