Groundhog Day – February 2nd

Do you believe in Groundhog Day? Or the whole groundhog shadow theory? How if he sees his shadow, winter will remain for another 6 weeks? Or is it all a myth? UHS Talk did some research on this upcoming holiday.


The first mention of the holiday at all was in 1723 when Delaware Indians came into Pennsylvania. They named the city Punxsutawney, which means “the town of the sandflies” in Indian. The whole holiday sprouted from a German holiday that came about, Candlemas Day. During Candlemas Day, superstitions said that if the weather was fair in the middle of winter and spring, there would be more winter ahead. Overall, it was the Germans who started the tradition.

There are many states that have their own unique groundhogs, but Pennsylvania has the most. According to, the groundhog predictions are accurate around 39% of the time. That’s less than half the time. Now it’s your choice to decide, is it real or is the holiday all just a myth?

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