February 3 – 9 Weekly Horoscope

Aries- Now is the time to motivate yourself and work towards the goals you have in mind. Aquarius will be more active due to the New Moon, so you can easily find energy just by being around their energized aura. Find a way to refresh your own atmosphere by replacing old things you never really enjoyed and making them better, giving your world a sense of clarity to what you need to focus on.

Taurus- Now is the time to mellow yourself out and see where you need to put your energy into, who you need to invest in, what people you’ve left behind. It’s the time for new beginnings for you and many other people. This is your chance to start anew with people and tasks you previously abandoned, allowing your life to connect with where you were before and paving for the future.

Gemini- Your plans have been lacking lately. Whether you’re too busy trying to manage tasks out of your control or you’ve grown too comfortable in the life you have, you still need to find a way to push through and remember that there’s more life beyond now, more that you need to do and manage that you’ve simply put off. Try to write up a long-term goal or many short term ones to get yourself on track.

Cancer- The world has been draining you, and you know very well that your strength and mental energy are slowly diminishing so long as your tasks keep getting ahead of you. This can’t be solved immediately, but you have a greater handle on these than you believe you do. You can make it through this.

Leo- Your friends need you more than they believe. They will all be planning for an event or something in their future, so the most you can do, and what they need, is for you to be there supporting them and helping them make sure that they don’t run themselves ragged. Be careful around Cancer however, as they’ll be going through a tough time and you may feel hurt when they’re too busy to talk.

Virgo- Unlike many people you know, you’re graduating towards knowing what you can handle and what you can’t, which will help you find where you need to go within the week coming. Make sure to take some time to yourself. A nap isn’t always a bad thing.

Libra- It may be good to rethink that large plan you were thinking about doing this week. With the New Moon, you should likely find some time to ground yourself to what tasks you need to handle, or else you could potentially end up harming yourself through your bouts of curiosity and energy, which could overtake you if you let yourself get out of hand.

Scorpio- There are a couple people close to you that you have been neglecting, and this may come around to harm you in the end. Despite everything, you know that you’ve ignored them for good reason and still need time to handle what you need to before you speak to them, but it never hurts to let them know what’s going on.

Sagittarius- You’ve handled last week the best you can and are working through this week smoothly, but don’t forget to take time from your tasks to help someone out who might be struggling. If you know a Gemini, be sure to ask them if they need anything from you, because they will likely be too worried to ask you if they do.

Capricorn- Out of everyone you know, you’re likely the one who can finally take a break from the things you’ve planned, mostly because you finished them without an issue. Take some hours to take care of yourself before what you do next. Make a nice lunch, talk to someone, work on a hobby. This can be your week.

Aquarius- With the New Moon, you will feel more energy to do things and get things done than you have for a long while. Use this productively. It may be a good time to get ahead with your job, do better in class, or work well on a project of yours. Be sure to let others help you if they offer, or if someone seems down, do what you can to make sure they feel better. This is your week and you can use it wisely.

Pisces- The best action you can do this week is, well, no particular one. This is your chance to go with what others have been doing and go along with them. Help a friend with their work, let somebody help you with a project, join a friend on an excursion. Have a little fun this week.

Tarot of the Week:

2 of Cups
(keywords: companionship, unity, two become one, partnership, new friendships)

This week is about partnership and unity, which signifies the proper time for anyone to realize that they can make a new friend, or perhaps reunite with an old one. Your friends are the best people for you to be around- be sure to spend this time with them wisely. It’s also the best time to perhaps speak with that person that you have wanted to talk with, but never got around to doing so. New individuals may try to talk to you. So long as they show trustworthiness, take this in stride.

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