Festival of Sleep Day

Take a break on January 3 or Festival of Sleep Day by sleeping in, taking naps or just staying in bed the whole day long. The origins of this unofficial holiday was created for people that would like to get some shut eye and relaxation after the holidays. After the Christmas shopping and the new year celebrations, it’s time to celebrate in sleep land. Also this holiday helps with weight loss too.

How to celebrate the Festival of Sleep Day? Get into your favorite PJ’s, crawl into bed and get out only when you want to. Another thing is to have clean bed linen. Also have an uncluttered and temperature controlled environment facilitates good sleep.

The history, origin and the year from which the Festival of Sleep Day has been celebrated are not unknown. However, the person who made this celebration day would seemingly love to sleep. Good sleep increases your productivity, maintains good health, maintains good memory power. Take stock of your sleeping environment on this day and fix anything you think may be affecting your sleep.

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