Foreign Exchange Student Interview

I’ve recently interviewed foreign exchange student Wanpadet Sukjai from Thailand. He likes to be called Thailand. He came here last August to study the American culture. Thailand enjoys playing soccer, dabbing, and skiing.

I asked him if he likes it here and why he does. “Yeah, because people are very nice and helps me out, and I want to learn different cultures and go through a new experience, and also improve my English. I even saw snow for the first time in my life. I’ve always wanted too but never have until I’ve been here.” I then asked him what his favorite thing to do in America was. He responded by saying “I love playing soccer with the high school team. They make everything very fun and unforgettable. I also like making new friends.” He then went on to tell me about his favorite food. “I love chicken wings and nuggets. Especially from Nemacolin.”

I remember one day at soccer practice when Thailand broke down because his missed his mother, which is very understandable. He’s thousands of miles away and he isn’t able to see her again until June. I asked him if he still missed her and his family. “No, I have made lots of new friends here and I am happy. The best friends I have made have made up for missing my family.” I then asked him what are somethings he has done here that he’ll never forget. “Playing on the soccer team. We would always have a good time. They made me feel welcomed all the time. One thing I’ve tasted that I’ll never forget are the Buckwheat pancakes from Ohio Pyle. They were nasty, very sour. I will also never forget Rotary Club.”

All in all Thailand has enjoyed America very much.

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