Former Teacher Passes Away

Everybody at UHS knows of the Margaret A. Emelson Auditorium. Plays, assemblies, and even graduation is held in the auditorium. However, many students are unaware of who the woman behind the name really is.

Margaret A. Emelson was born and raised north of Pittsburgh in Beaver Falls. She graduated from Geneva College and married her husband, Roger, shortly after. She later accepted a teaching job here at UHS and would later establish the drama program. Emelson was described as “an outstanding and highly effective educator,” because of this the auditorium would be named after her in 1997.

Although her passing has brought many people great sadness, we should remember her for her achievements and ability to develop programs that are still here today. Margaret was inducted into the UHS Hall of Fame for her remarkable attributions here. So, whenever you step into the auditorium next, remember Margaret for the person she was and the impact she made at UHS.

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