Fortnite Mobile

As I’m sure most of you are aware, Fortnite Battle Royale is a very popular, free, online game. As the player, you start off, along with 100 other players, and jump out of a flying bus. Once you land, landing wherever you choose, you must search for weapons, building materials, potions, and health restoration items. Once you find the things you feel your character needs, you must go around and fight the other players until you’re the only person left. However, there’s a twist. There’s a circle around the map that decreases in size as time goes on. The circle is sort of like a safe-haven from the storm. If you’re caught outside of the circle, your character will slowly lose health until you have none left. If you’re outside the circle, you can still get back in but you need to be quick.

Fortnite Battle Royale has been available for free for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4,  and many other platforms except for mobile devices. However, Fortnite is now available on IOS. Everybody can download the app, but you need a code to actually be able to play it. To receive a code, you must sign up using your email, which will then put you on a waiting list. What the creators of the game does with this waiting list is they randomly pick names, which if chosen, you will be sent 3 codes. Since most people only need one code, they typically choose to give the other two to some of their friends. So if you’re interested in playing, you either need to sign up and get yourself on the waiting list, or hope one of your friends received the codes.

Comment below if you are a Fortnight fan and what you like about the mobile version of the game.

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