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If someone asks you what there is to do in Uniontown,  most people’s automatic response is “nothing.” Living in the shadow of Pittsburgh and Morgantown, the small town of Uniontown does not stand a chance with things to do. But we ignore a multitude of note-worthy and truly amazing parts to our town. Route 40 is the original national highway, Fort Necessity was a pivotal point in the French and Indian War, Ohiopyle State park is beautiful natural resource – these are all things we take for granted. Most importantly though, we have two residencies within 20 miles of each other that people from all over the world come to visit: Falling Water and Kentuck Knob. Both homes are Frank Lloyd Wright designed, and noteworthy architectural masterpieces.

Frank Lloyd Wright was a renowned architect – a leader in indirect lighting, car ports, and the creator of the Usonian home. “Usonian” is a Wright coined term meaning a house that the every day man could afford. Wright designs are world famous with buildings like the Guggenheim museum, the Beth Shalom Temple, the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, Japan and more to his name. There are people around the world who dream of visiting a single Wright designed building, and small little Uniontown has two homes you could visit in the same day.

Not only do we have two Wright designed homes, we have two very different Wright designed homes. Designed in the 1930s Falling Water was meant to be a masterpiece. Built to incorporate a waterfall, with daring cantilevers and more, Falling Water speaks to the beauty of architecture more than function. Kentuck Knob though, was built to be a year-round home. It is not only beautiful, but functional and has stood up against the test of time considerately better. Built in the 1950s, Wright was also later in his career during the building of Kentuck Knob, and Wright’s growth is notable. The ability to visit and compare these two Wright pieces in one day is an amazing opportunity that we could utilize any day we like.

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