French Class Cooks Crepes

Mrs. Thomas’s french class learned about the difference between an American breakfast and French breakfast. There’s many differences between an American and French breakfast. American breakfast are usually greasy and includes a complete meal with eggs, sausage, home fries, bacon and so on. While French breakfast includes only coffee or tea and sometimes orange just with a couple of croissants, brioches or toasted slices of bread with butter, jam or honey.

Originally the breakfast dish crepes was a mistake made by a 14 year old boy assistant waiter in 1895. Since then crepes became a popular breakfast food all around the world.

The class made the batter for the crepes and cooked them on a griddle. It was important to make sure that the mixture spread evenly around the pan. Students flipped them like a pancake and cooked both sides until they were a golden brown. They filled them with nutella and rolled them up. They also added bananas and whipped cream for a sweet treat.

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