French Field Trip

This year’s French field trip took the club to historic Fort Necessity, Jumonville Glenn, and Maywood Grill. Their journey first took them to Fort Necessity, the historic fort, although being a reconstruction, sits on the site where George Washington suffered his first defeat. The fort was used by the British in the 7 Years War, also known as the French and Indian war. This defeat was an important lesson for our soon to be first president and gained him much needed experience for the upcoming revolution.

Next they voyaged to Maywood Grill, for a French inspired meal including chicken, potatoes, salad, and cream puffs.

Their excursion took them to Jumonville Glen, the site of another historic battle of the 7 years war. This battle was the true beginning of the war and was a British victory. After defeating a small French-Canadian force, Washington retreated to Fort Necessity.

They also made a stop to the nearby Jumonville camp and retreat center and climbed to the lookout point for photographs at the Jumonville cross. Everyone we spoke to said that, overall, the field trip was fun and they can’t wait for next year.

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