From An Olympian To A Butterfinger

The Uniontown Area Highschool drama club is putting on an One Acts production of Dancing with The Olympians and Butterfinger. One Acts consists of two comical skits that are directed by Mr. Durso and acted out by our students. Dancing With The Olympians is a parody of the show Dancing With The Stars where all of the contestants are Greek gods and goddesses. Following up with another parody, Butterfinger is a mockery of the popular James Bond movies.

We interviewed one of the actresses from Dancing With The Olympians to get an inside view on the play. Marissa Muchnok, a first year performer for One Acts, portrays Thalia, the Greek muse of comedy. Marissa has considered pursuing entertainment as a career, however, she is interested in a behind the scenes job such as a filmmaker or producer. When asked what her favorite part of One Acts is, she said, “I love being a part of this fun production because it’s a great learning experience about what it’s like to be a performer.” Marissa is also considering auditioning for the spring musical.

Emilee Friend is another student that allowed us to interview her about One Acts. She has been a part of the One Acts production since her freshman year, meaning this is her third year performing in these plays. She has a character in each of the acts. In Dancing With The Olympians, she is Circe the sorceress that turns men into pigs. In Butterfinger, she is Dweep one of the nerd candies. Emilee does not plan on continuing on in life has a performer but she aspires to be a writer. She shared with us that her favorite part of One Acts is, “hanging out with my friends and the entire environment that comes with the plays,”. Emilee plans on participating in the spring musical for the third year, as well.

Everyone has put many hours of hard work and dedication into the upcoming plays. Come show your support and see Dancing With The Olympians and Butterfinger at 7pm on December 15 & 16 performed at the Uniontown Area Highschool.

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