From UT to Italy

Every two years Uniontown Area High School students travel abroad.  In past years student have gone to Germany and France. This year the Art & Language clubs will be going to Switzerland and Italy! This ten day trip will be comprised of walking and guided tours of monuments, museums and famous landmarks associated with both countries. Venice, Florence and Assisi will be some of the stops during the tours.

The teachers, students and parents have done a lot to raise money for the trip, as it costs around $2,000 per person to attend.  The club’s most recent and interesting fundraiser “Coffee and Canvas” was held last month at the Uniontown High School. Here parents and students came in to view some of the club’s art work. Attendants were also able to make their own oil paintings led by Mrs. Gartley. The 60 participants were instructed how paint a beautiful Tuscan landscape. The club provided the canvases and paint for everyone to participate but still raised about two-thousand dollars in all from hosting this one function.

All together there will be around 29 people going on the trip. Some students are Anthony Montgomery, Mia Tersic, Marissa Newman, Beth Corolla, Gabriel Harvey, Kate Kessler, Keyshawna Lee, River McCarty-McCameron and Natalie Szewczyk . Some parents of these students will be going on the trip as well. This will be an awesome experience for the students attending because it will provide them with an educational trip out of the immediate area and out of the United States. Students will also be able to see how similar and or different their artwork is from these countries. This trip could broaden and enhance the ideas of these art pieces. The last day to sign up for the trip was March 15th, but if you have any questions regarding the trip Mrs.Gartley will be happy to answer any questions.

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