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Last weekend the 9th Grade Girls from Honors classes went to Penn State Fayette Eberly Campus for a field trip. The field trip was called Future4U. It was sponsored by Penn State Fayette Commission for Women. This is now the fifth year for this event. Female Freshman honor students came from Uniontown, Albert Gallatin, Connellsville, and Laurel Highlands high schools.

The trip took place on last Wednesday, March 7. They were called out of first period, and the girls were back  before the bell rang to go home, so they could catch the bus.  Morgan Holloway described it very well. “It was very interesting”, she said. “We got to look at animal brains and human bones.”They would do many other things other than that.

“We go to make music with a straw, and bottle. Also we got to race wheelchairs, and learned what obstacles handicapped people deal with.” Miss Holloway also said that it was a really good learning experience. The girls also got to see part of a play that the campus was practicing for. “The best part of it was being mixed in with different schools, and that leaded to new friends”, Morgan said.

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