Futures 4 U

Every year, Mrs Vance takes a group of freshmen girls to Penn State Fayette to participate in the Futures 4 U program. Futures 4 U allows high school girls to take part in S.T.E.A.M. activities to enhance their knowledge of the careers in those fields.

The girls were sent to multiple stations each one pertaining to a different field. The first station dealt with the anatomy of the human and sheep body. This helped them understand the circulatory and nervous systems more in depth. The second and third stations taught about healthy hearts and lungs using heart rate monitors and stethoscopes. After that station, one of the teachers demonstrated the purpose of multiple physical therapy tools and a wheel chair. The last two stations were more focused on engineering and architecture. The girls were instructed to draw parts of an image on separate pieces of paper and then combine them to reveal a final, blended image. They were also taught how to build a miniature robotic car.

All in all, this event allowed a great deal of freshmen girls from all the local districts to experience a different, hands-on type of learning. While some of them might already be certain on their future, it surely helped the undecided be open to more possibilities in fields they might’ve not thought about already.

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