Game Review: Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is a online multiplayer game that came out October 1, 2019. The number of downloads has surpassed 250 million worldwide. It currently is one of the most popular mobile games. After personally becoming addicted, I’d say it definitely deserves a 4 out of 5. It’s action packed and horribly addicting!

The best parts about this game is that it has has many different modes and maps in multiplayer and also has a Battle Royale mode. You can also invite your friends to play with you through quick invites. There’s a variety of weapons to choose from in each category. You can add attachments and camos that you unlock whilst using the weapon or through monthly events. In Battle Royale there are only two maps so far, but they have a large variety of vehicles including helicopters and tanks.

There are some issues that definitely need to be fixed. Right now it updates every month which is fine except for the fact that after every update takes up more and more storage. It now takes up about 5GB though most tablets and smartphones only have 6GB of storage space, depending on the device. So it doesn’t leave you much room to download anything else. Also if you play too long, it will overheat your device and shut it down, sometimes right in the middle of a game.

If they were to fix these issues I would change my ratings and so would a lot other players who genuinely enjoy this game. They made a terrific shooter, but it could be better. If they don’t fix the storage issues many people including myself will have to delete the game which is sad because it truly is a lot of fun.

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