Game Review: Shovel Knight

From flying high in the sky and striking the earth, we take a look at the video game named “Shovel Knight”

The Plot

The plot of shovel knight is quite simple and tries to follow old school gaming. It’s you’re basic knight saves princess from dragon scenario with a special twist. The game begins telling us about Shovel Knight and Shield Knight as two adventurers. After “something terrible” happened to Shield Knight and she was no more, shovel knight stopped adventuring and started to live a simple life. Soon after a powerful Enchantress showed up and began her plot to rule the land with her knights of no quarter. It is up to shovel knight to go and save Shield Knight from the evil Enchantress. Which throughout the game more and more is revealed.

The Gameplay
Also simple, but the level design makes it absolutely fun and enjoyable. Level designs are all great and sometimes even require a power up to get past and get through the level, find secret areas, and so on and so forth. Shovel knight uniquely uses a shovel for combat. Being able to jump, down thrust, and strike left and right. He has a health meter and a magic meter. The magic meter is used for special items shovel knight gets along his adventure; also once health drops to zero you get sent back to a checkpoint that are littered throughout the map. Also if you wish you can smash these check points for money to buy upgrades for shovel knight later on. If you fall in combat you drop some of you’re money and you can easily go and retrieve it where you last died at. Shovel knight will soon face off against each and every knight of the no quarter at the end of each level. Each level can be easily accessed from the world map once you beaten the first area. Here you can travel town to town and go to each level at you’re own pace. You may fight the knights in almost any order you want to that are currently unlocked. There’s also special events that happen on the map and there’s many secrets as well. You may also find bonus stages on the map too. You may also use an Amiibo shovel knight to activate two player mode and have some jolly co-operation with a friend. Not to mention after beating the game a new character is unlocked. With him unlocked you get to play the game all over again, but this time a new character, new mechanics and even an entire new story.

The Graphics
The graphics have a nice 8-bit touch to them. The people who developed the game also tried their best to keep with the same color palette from the same era, but they got a bit too many colors to match it pretty much exactly.


This game is pure nostalgia at it’s finest. The closest we can compare it too is a mix of classic mega man and legend of link mixed together in a perfect blend. Memorable characters and boss fights galore and wonderful comedy as well littered all the way through it. If you’re a fan of platforming, adventure or a good story then we’d definitely recommend you pick this up for a measly $15 which is still being updated with new content later on which will add two new characters and campaign for absolutely free and no DLC.

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